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Please view a selection of testimonial references to our work below:

"Thank you so much for the incredible research you have done for my family tree. You have a real passion for research and your portrayal of the times wrote of that people lived in, painted wonderful pictures in my mind of how they would have lived, related to others and worked - very inspiring indeed! Thank you for the wills from people, the copies of birth certificates, marriage certificates, dates and linking you did to make old anonymous photos come to life! Just brilliant! "
Sarah Liddell - Greymouth, New Zealand

"What a fantastic job you've done. I knew nothing of my mother's family roots. My daughter tried for me on the internet but could not find out anything. You'll never know how happy this has made me - one minute I knew nothing - now thanks to you I know it all! I never dreamt you could go back so far in the past. Once again I thank you deeply."
Michael Neal

"A thorough and professional search, in our case for living family members, after we had exhausted all our means of enquiry. We would not have had the successful outcome without John's efforts. A job very well done and a very cost effective alternative to your own searching."
Sally and David - Shropshire, England

"Thank you so much for our family history, it was certainly a revelation - and so very interesting. All those people we didn't know existed! We had no idea how fascinating it would be."
Dr Beverley and Charles Barnsley - Leicestershire, England

"John. As you know I tried to do this on my own and got stuck! You obviously know just the right places to go, and wow! - how did you find all that info? Just great. Thanks, John for all your hard work."
Kristy Rowlett - Kenilworth, England

"Huge thanks. My family has loved all this info and it has really moved my mum."
Lisa Maxwell - Leicestershire, England

"I cannot say just how much help John has been, we would never have been able to do this ourselves, we wouldn't have known where to begin - John solved our greatest problem - my grandfather's identity."Jean Boulter - Wigston, Leicestershire

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